When Does Acne Go Away? Find Out Now!

My best friend’s sister came up to me one day and asked, when does acne go away? I was reminded of my teenage years and how I too was plagued with acne.

Remembering the painful bumps, the redness and the way I looked then wasn’t a pleasant walk into memory lane.

Having pimples and acne is almost like a right of passage for teenagers. But then again, there were some classmates back then whom we considered lucky for not having acne.

Why is that? Now that I’m well into my 20’s, I began to realize that acne is not directly related to age.

Why Does Acne Occur?

You might have had friends who had clear skin in high school, but as soon as they reached their 20’s, pimples started popping up. This is what you call adult acne.

After realizing that acne can occur at different stages of life, you might be thinking that no one is safe from it.

Why Does Acne Occur

That may be partially true, but it’s not exactly something everyone must go through. With tons of skin care products and continuous advancements in cosmetology, there are now plenty of ways to prevent or treat common acne at home.

However, one must realize why acne happens in the first place, and why it is often related to maturity and age. Here are some of the factors you might want to look into.

Common Factors That Cause Acne

1. Hormones

The number one reason why teenagers start breaking out isn’t because they are teenagers, but simply because this is the time everyone experiences some hormonal changes.


Hormonal fluctuations can cause acne breakout. No one could deny that their teenage years were a mess - Personally, I had a lot of drama, stress, mood swings and cystic acne.

2. Presence Or Absence Of Oil On Your Skin

Another factor well related to acne is oily skin.

Again, teens have it rough because hormonal changes can cause excessive production of oil or sebum.

Oil On Your Skin

But hey, even adults can suffer from oily skin - no matter what your age, oily skin is known to be breeding ground for acne if not taken cared of properly with regular skin care.

On the other hand, adults may be suffering from acne due to the lack of oil. As we grow older, our face just seems to produce less oil.

Dry skin will cause dead skin cells to persist and will block pores together with all the dirt and grime on your face. This will eventually lead to acne.

3. Your Diet And The Food You Eat

What you eat will definitely show, no matter what age you are. Teens may be getting acne from eating too much oily foods, but adults will most likely experience acne from an imbalance of nutrition or a hormonal imbalance issue.

The Food You Eat

Watching your diet doesn’t just benefit you physically, it also cleanses the toxins from the inside. And you know what they say, when you clean your gut, it will definitely show on your skin as well.

Nourish your body with skin improving fruits and vegetables to clear out your skin.

4. Skin Care Habits

As teenagers, we might have been struggling trying to find out what our skin’s like and which products may work for us.

On other days, we might just be lazy enough to forget to wash our face. 

Unsurprisingly, some of us may still be carrying out this problem even as adults.

Skin Care Habits

Forgetting to clean off makeup and using cosmetic products that are not healthy for our skin can cause acne even as adults. Instill good skin care habits and acne would not be such a big problem even at any age.

Acne Has Nothing To Do With Age

I told my best friend’s sister to learn how to take care of her skin, rather than just waiting for it to stop. Although there will be a time when acne will not be as bad as it is now, the more important thing to do is to instill good habits and create a skin care regimen.

Skin Care Habits

There is little that we can do when dealing with a natural bodily changes, but there are many ways to prevent stress, improve our diets and living an overall healthier lifestyle. Now that something that never gets old even throughout the test of time.

Share Your Acne Story

Do you remember your first pimple? What was it like and how did you deal with it? Let’s take a trip down memory lane together by sharing your stories in the comments below.

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