How To Remove Eyelash Glue: 3 Simple & Easy Ways Will Help You!

Fake lashes, when done right, can instantly add more drama to your favorite make-up look. The downside is most women, including myself,  feel that the application and removal of false eyelashes is difficult to achieve.

In fact, one of the biggest problems involving false eyelashes is how to remove eyelash glue.

If you’ve ever tried wearing false eyelashes in the past, you might be familiar with the struggle of removing that pesky eyelash glue.

It’s great that it’s sturdy enough to keep your falsies in place, but did you know that you could possibly remove your real lashes in the process?

Without proper care and appropriate materials, removing eyelash glue can potentially harm your real lashes and your skin as well.

Remember that the skin around your eye area is very sensitive; even the slightest hint of irritation could cause a lot of discomfort.

Following the correct method of removing false lashes is essential to protect yourself from harm.

Properly Applying Eyelash Glue

One thing you can do to avoid problems in removing eyelash glue is to adequately apply it in the first place.

Adding on too much glue will not only be very difficult to clean up afterwards, but the glue residue can also be evidently seen even after putting on your make-up.

Properly Applying Eyelash Glue

Not to mention the many accidents relating to eyelash glue. If you’ve also been looking around the internet for eyelash glue tips, you may have read some horror stories about how some girls got eyelash glue into their eyes. There was also one girl whose eyelids were glued together.​

​To properly apply eyelash glue, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Remember to use only as much as you need. Adding on too much will show on your makeup; even clear eyelash glue can leave some residue.
  • Step 2: After applying an appropriate amount on the lash band, wait for about 50 seconds until the glue becomes tacky. Most companies will recommend a shorter waiting period, but some users say drier glue ensures easier application and a stronger hold.
  • Step 3: Only add in more glue to areas where lashes tend to come off easily such as the inner and outer corners.
  • Step 4: When covering your lash band with glue, keep in mind that the lash band should be directly facing the opening of the tube. This is to avoid the glue from gushing out extra amounts.

​Things You Need To Avoid

​Things You Need To Avoid
  • If there is one thing you must not do when it comes to removing your eyelashes, that would be to never forcefully pull your lashes off. I know that eyelash glue is very stubborn and you just want to give up and pull them out instead. But again, this can damage your eyelids as well.
  • Also, in the process of removing the glue, do not attempt to rub the glue off vigorously as this can irritate your skin and ruin your fake lashes as well. We all know how pricey some lashes are so make your money worth it by taking good care of them.
  • Lastly, don’t feel disheartened if you don’t get it right the first time. Plenty of us have gone through the same mistakes. Just keep trying, be patient and follow the rules step-by-step.

3 Simple Ways On How To Remove Eyelash Glue

1. ​Purchasing An Eyelash Glue Remover

Buying an eyelash glue remover is one obvious solution to your eyelash glue problems.

Notice how most companies put their false eyelashes in a set with an eyelash glue but rarely with a glue remover. Although it’s another expense, it can save you from a lot of trouble.

Try finding an eyelash glue remover from the same brand as your eyelash glue. Some glues are made differently from the other so finding a compatible remover is essential.

Also, keep note of your skin allergies. Always read the labels for ingredients that may not sit well with you.

Eyelash Glue Remover

2. Try Using Coconut Oil Or Olive Oil

One of my most favorite eyelash glue removers is plain coconut oil or olive oil.

Not only do they contain rich vitamins that are good for the skin, they are also gentle and suitable for all kinds of skin type.

Try Using Coconut Oil Or Olive Oil

They are my personal favorite because they are both affordable and easy to buy. To remove eyelash glue with coconut oil, follow this step-by-step guide:​

  • Step 1: First, prepare your false lashes for removal. With a makeup sponge or a cotton swab, apply the oil to the eyelash line gently.
  • Step 2: You may apply a generous amount if you wish in order to ease out the removal process. The coconut oil or olive oil should weaken the strength of the eyelash glue and remove any residue left from the glue.
  • Step 3: Next, you may want to use a makeup remover to wipe away your eye shadow or other forms of eye makeup. Gently push down the false lashes and there you have it - you have successfully removed your false lashes!

3. ​Using Steam To Melt Residue

Another popular way of removing eyelash glue is to use the method of steaming.

The steam will help melt the glue residue, making it easier to clean away.

Using Steam To Melt Residue

To use this method, here are a few steps you need to follow:

  • Step 1: First remove any eye makeup you have on. You may use your preferred method for this step. Whether you use your favorite makeup remover or water, it does not matter.
  • Step 2: Next, heat a bowl full of water in the microwave or by using a kettle, if you wish. Make sure that the water is hot enough that it produces steam.
  • Step 3: Hover your face above the bowl and drape a towel over your head to trap the heat inside. Allow your face to steam for about 10 minutes.

​After this process is finished, you may now use your coconut oil or olive oil to remove the remaining eyelash glue residue.

It is best to wash your face clean once again after the whole process, and apply your favorite moisturizer afterwards.

Going To The Salon

If you have had your false eyelashes done by a professional makeup artist, a lot of artistry and technicality has been used in order to apply it.

In which case it may also be best to have it removed by the same salon that applied it in the first place.

Going To The Salon

Having it removed by a pro assures you that your eyelashes are in great hands. You may also benefit from their eyelash care services if available.

It may cost a bit more than doing it by yourself at home, but it is also an investment caring for your lashes.​

Learning How To Remove Eyelash Glue

We’ve all been there before, being in a sticky situation with eyelash glue. The trick is to invest in solutions that will make the process a lot easier for yourself.

Rather than forcing it to come off,  finding a cheap solution like coconut oil and olive oil is the next best thing to do.

Need a more visual guide to help you out in the process? Not sure if you’re doing the right thing? Don’t worry, I’ve got a great video to share with you.

Check out the video below to see how you can remove your fake eyelashes successfully:​

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Have you successfully mastered the art of eyelash glue removal? Or do you have a story to share with us regarding false eyelashes and eyelash removers? Comment down below, we always love receiving and reading stories like yours.

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