How To Make Eyeshadow More Pigmented: 7 Sexy Ways To Improve Your Eyeshadow Look!

Are you tired of wasting so much money on makeup that don’t meet your expectations? We all know that makeup doesn’t come cheap and they’re expected to be of high quality, considering the price we paid for.

But once or twice in our lives, we encounter a product that just doesn’t do what it’s supposed to! It’s painful enough to have spent that money, but what else can we do?

One of the most disappointing makeup purchases would have to be eyeshadow that isn’t pigmented enough.

It may look pretty on the palette but all of a sudden, the color seems to have disappeared after applying it to our skin. Here’s the good news: don’t throw it away just yet!

Instead of throwing them into your trash can, thinking that it could not be saved. Read the article below to learn how to make eyeshadow more pigmented.

That’s right, your eyeshadow palette can still be saved and you will be able to get your money’s worth.

Why Are Some Eyeshadows Not Pigmented Enough?

Before getting onto the details, let’s first try to understand the reason behind pigment-lacking eyeshadows. This way, we can avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

1. Cheap Eyeshadow vs. Higher End Eyeshadow

Price is always a factor when it comes to makeup.

It is quite rare to find a luxury brand cosmetic product that does not satisfy.

One shouldn’t expect the same quality when buying cheap makeup.

Cheap Eyeshadow vs. Higher End Eyeshadow

In fact, the reason why it is cheap in the first place is that these companies may have skimped on the materials used for those eyeshadows.

2. Expiry Dates

Eyeshadow can last up to 2 years. Not only will expired makeup affect the health of your skin and cause acne, the product itself will lose its original color.

Although using an old product is an obvious no-no, you’d be surprised at how many women tend to forget how long they haven’t been using a certain product.

Expiry Dates

If you haven’t been using it for more than 6 months, chances are you wouldn’t be using them at all in the next couple of months either. Do your skin a favor and toss it away.

3. Incompatibility


Sometimes it is neither the price or the expiry date that’s the problem. In some cases, it just means that it was never meant to be.

We all know that each cosmetic brand company has a special formula they use in order to make the makeup we love.

Oftentimes, there will be products that are just not suitable for our skin type. Of course, there are some tips and tricks (just like the ones below) which you can follow as a quick fix.

But it is good to know that there may be other products out there that may look better on you.

How To Make Use Of Less Pigmented Eyeshadow

1. Use An Eye Primer

A lot of makeup lovers swear by eye primers. They aren’t just made to prep your eyelids for some color, they are also capable of intensifying your eyeshadow.

Just like any makeup base, make sure the skin around your eye area is clean before applying.

2. Try Substituting Eye Primer With Lip Balm

Try Substituting Eye Primer With Lip Balm

If you are not one who is not willing to splurge on an eye primer, you’d be surprised to know that a simple lip balm can also do the trick.

Lip balm moisturizes your lids, avoiding creases, fading and smearing of your eyeshadow. Best of all, it also improves eyeshadow pigment as well.

3. Use A Moisturizer

Use A Moisturizer

Just like the lip calm, a moisturizer can also help improve the pigmentation of eyeshadow.

Compared to lip balm, using a moisturizer particularly formulated for your face or eyelids comes with properties that protect the skin on your eye area.

Choose a product with soothing properties like aloe. Not only is it highly moisturizing, it also protects your skin from constant use of makeup.

4. Try Using A Wet Brush

No, this does not mean that you have to dunk your whole precious makeup brush into water. We aren’t going to start mopping eyelids, don’t worry.

Just a dab of water will go a long way. Make sure that the brush isn’t dripping wet so as to avoid destroying your palette.

What you want to do is to dampen your brush and wipe off the extra liquid and apply eyeshadow with said brush.

Professional makeup artists also swear by this method because it’s fast and easy, and does not require extra product on the face.

5. Purchase A Quality Brush

Speaking of makeup brushes, investing in a good brush can do wonders for your eye makeup.

Purchase A Quality Brush

If the problem isn’t the formula of the makeup or the method of application, it may just be your brush. Cheaper brushes just don’t spread makeup evenly and may even appear chalky.

6. Use A Cream Eyeshadow Base

Try applying a cream eyeshadow over your eyes first before applying the color of your choice. This will act as a canvas for you to start building up your eyeshadow look.

Use A Cream Eyeshadow Base

One word of caution is to not use too much or else the color will come off brighter or lighter than desired.

7. Try Your Concealer

If all you need is a little more color to your eyeshadow, try using concealer as a base. Although it doesn’t have as much intensity as the other methods, it is worth a try since you might already have a concealer on hand.

Not only are you able to hide any more imperfections, you also get a newly improved eye color.

Do Not Waste Your Makeup!

With so many available quick fixes, there is no longer a need for you to just throw out your makeup.

Unless it is causing your skin acne or other harsh results, you can know make use of what you have without having to spend more money.

And if you want to see a more in-depth comparison of how these methods look like against each other, check out this video here:

Do You Love Eyeshadow?

What’s your favorite eyeshadow color? Do you have any tips and tricks on how to make eyeshadow more pigmented? Let us know in the comments below and help out other ladies with not-so-awesome eyeshadows. As you know, we always love to hear from you.

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